10 Best Handheld Massager Consumer Ratings & Reports 2021

It offers a little bit of everything, like warming metal tips and a vibrating massage ball. This powerful machine is the choice of pro tennis player Naomi Osaka. BestWomensWorkouts is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program.

best personal massagers for women

Meanwhile, the battery lasts up to four hours on a single charge, so you won’t need to worry about recharging it after every single use. A body massager is used for external clitoral stimulation during foreplay or intercourse. Its powerful stimulation almost guarantees an orgasm and is used by women who want to orgasm quickly or those who have a difficult time having an orgasm. The LuxFit Trigger Point Manual Muscle Massage is a manual massager that provides targeted pain relief. It has two knobs made to apply direct pressure to the back of your neck or other pressure points to promote healing for tension headaches and migraines.

Theragun G3pro

It comes with several attachments so you can use the unit all over the body. The muscle massage gun from JamGym was designed with the athlete in mind. This unit could also work well for anyone with chronic pain or injuries that cause muscle soreness. Comic book artist Erika Moen devoted the first piece of her new comic strip series Oh Joy, Sex Toy to “The Hitachi Magic Wand” in April 2013. Her work was syndicated by Bitch Media, and received praise in a review by The Daily Beast. The Magic Wand from Vibratex won the award for “Favorite Sex Toy for Women” in October 2013 at The Sex Awards in California.

best personal massagers for women

The number of massage nodes, and the sizes of those nodes, is important as it tells you about the back coverage you can expect. Consider which option is right for you, whether you want to take your massager on the go, or just ensure you can use it in your favorite chair! Also think about if you’ll be able to apply the pressure needed with a non-electric device.

​the 24 Best Vibrators For Women, According To Sex

It’s easy to use and has several settings so you can adjust the intensity based on your needs and comfort. Sex therapist Ruth Westheimer said the device was most favored by those selecting from vibrators of the corded electrical variety. Therapist and sex educator Laura Berman recommended the device in many articles for the Chicago Sun-Times, both for women who had never experienced an orgasm and those who had difficulty becoming aroused. Australian sex therapist Bettina Arndt reported that a couple she corresponded with had success using the Magic Wand while simultaneously engaging in sexual intercourse. Cosmopolitan magazine reported that the Magic Wand was the vibrator most often suggested by sex therapists.

With their large motors, wands tend to vibrate at lower frequencies than many other toys, producing rumbly vibes as opposed to buzzy ones. Buzzy vibrations are higher-frequency, and they can feel less satisfying and even numbing after a while, which is not so sexy. But for people who already know they like using a vibrator, our $100-plus picks are reliable and well worth the investment. This toy offers strong vibrations, has a rechargeable battery, and comes with a 15-year warranty, all at a fraction of the price of similar models. Many options will have an auto-shutoff feature after a certain amount of time for your safety, especially if there’s a heat function.

A TENS unit consists of pads you adhere to your muscles in order to relieve pain. Percussion massagers are different because they have a narrow point of pressure that vibrates, as opposed to the whole pillow moving. Therefore if you want a more general massage over larger areas of muscle a shiatsu pillow may be more appropriate. If you are serious about getting a good effective percussion massager then the Purewave CM-07 is your best bet as it’s been used and recommended by countless professionals. The head has two small nodes and a hollow in between, so that you can massage the muscles around your spine without hurting the bone. All in all, it’s a powerful device that has received tons of raving reviews.

When acute neck pain strikes, neck massagers are a great avenue to explore when searching for relief. Talk to a physician to nail down an appropriate and effective treatment plan. InvoSpa Back Neck and Shoulder Massager is one of the best options for at-home relief that is both affordable and effective. If you want a massager that helps headaches related to neck pain, the LuxFit Trigger Point Manual Muscle Massage can help. With all the massage guns out there these days, the ExoGun DreamPro isn’t one of of our top picks, even though you can get it at a steep discount right now.

Theragun Mini

Its shape and easy access to the Magic Wand’s power and speed button make it ideal for clitoral stimulation during rear-entry sex. An important factor in purchasing a neck massager is how easy best personal massagers for women it is to use. As Dr. Truumees says, if you suffer from pain that radiates to the skull causing headaches, you may want to avoid percussive massagers that could only add to discomfort.

A massager should have a variable intensity level like a minimum of 1200 RPM, and the maximum can go up to 3200 RPM above this may be unbearable for your body. It uses hardened aluminum that makes it lightweight as well as durable. It is best for both men and women, athletes, riders, climbers, office guys, and the elders suffering from pain.

More pointed attachments work well for targeting very specific knots. But what if you could incorporate professional tips on sport-specific massage regimens and how to address more persistent aches and pains? That’s the idea behind addaday’s line of bluetooth-connected massagers.

best personal massagers for women

While any major pain should be addressed with a doctor, the aches and soreness from daily activities can usually be treated with a good massage. For best results, though, be sure to follow instructions when using a massager, especially around your neck and head. Whether you are standing still or moving, the muscles in your legs are working hard.

In a 2004 article published in Dermatology Online Journal, authors reported on use of the Magic Wand to help alleviate pain before cosmetic and dermatologic techniques performed by clinicians. They recommended use of the device with the “Wonder Wand” attachment to provide vibration to a decreased surface area on the patient. In January 2014 the device’s name was “Magic Wand Original” according to Shape Magazine, with information provided at the associated website magicwandoriginal.com. Hitachi did not market the device for sexual purposes until recently, as of October 2016, but still only referring to one of its uses as an “intimate” massager.

best personal massagers for women

The Renpho’s short handle has a rubberized grip, and it’s easy to hold. But if you’re a tall person or have a long torso, the Renpho won’t reach the full length of your back. It’s a cordless massager that charges in an hour and holds its charge for two hours. Although the Mighty Bliss company claims that its massager is a ¼-pound lighter than PureWave, it feels the same weight.


Obviously there is no power to bring the intensity, but you can provide it yourself by using the massager to apply as much or as little pressure as you desire. Thera Cane has a unique design to help you reach your hard-to-reach places and ease any aches and pains. Innovative PowerDot technology then takes the information and, using a proprietary algorithm, creates a program specially designed to relieve your pain. Use the back muscle roller against the wall or on the floor, the perfect treatment option if you struggle with your range of motion. Opt for a full back, upper back or lower back then combine with air massage and heat to create a spa-like experience. Four rotation massage nodes move inward and outward to give your back the deep massage it needs.


The Magic Wand received the nickname “the Cadillac of vibrators” from the sex shop Good Vibrations. Venning and Cavanah observed that the device alleviated discomfort from menstrual cramps. They recommended the Magic Wand to new users of vibrators who asked for a suggestion for a starter device. Cavanah observed that the Magic Wand was unique among vibrators for its success through word-of-mouth marketing. Vibration was delivered using the Magic Wand, which they bought through Vibratex.

Variety Of Heads

They offer an effective solution to muscle strain and overwork with percussive therapy. Simply turn on the device and allow it to help release your deepest knots. 6 MASSAGE HEADS + 20 SPEED LEVELS + Portable suitcase – It comes with six adaptors that are engineered for a specific muscle group in your legs, lumbar, shoulders, spine, limbs, and neck. 20 Adjustable speed mode which makes it ideal for those who experience varying levels of muscle soreness or pain. There is also a portable suitcase so that the massage gun can be used in the gym, at home or in the office.

The 12 Best Neck Massagers for 2021, According to Customers Health.com – Health.com

The 12 Best Neck Massagers for 2021, According to Customers Health.com.

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The Brookstone Max 2 is made with aluminium that makes it elegant and more durable, but also costs more than most percussion massagers. This, of course, makes it a lot less convenient to use that a cordless massager. Its vibration also doesn’t have as much horsepower as its competitors, but its attachments are quite firm on the muscles. Two of them are firm, round attachments that help you get a deeper, firmer massage if you need something more intense to work out a muscle knot. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best percussion massagers on the market today. Make sure your final choice offers a good variety of options as you’ll need to use different ones depending on which body part you are massaging.

Overall, this massager worths the price and relieves your stiff and aching muscles with convenience. This massager is crafted intelligently since it has a heat dissipated function to prevent any damage to the machine. Then, with an automatic shut off feature, the massager shuts down after every 10 minutes of being on.

best personal massagers for women

On one end, there’s a classic massager and on the other, the tip is tapered and ribbed. There’s a motor and separate controls on each end, and like some of the other vibrators on this list, this one is also waterproof. It’s a classy-looking toy that comes in rose, black, and aqua, and it’s designed to deliver varying power without you having to fiddle with controls. The upgraded version has a steadier handle than its predecessor for more control while using the 10 different massage settings. Anyone who has used the original Magic Wand knows that, while it’s worth it, that thing could wake up your entire building.

Due to the delicate nature of these items, they should be cleaned regularly, and stored at room temperature, in a dry area to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. The answer is a bit nuanced, as personal massagers can function purely as massage tools as well as vibrators, while vibrators are typically singular in purpose. Personal massagers may be used to relieve tired or sore muscles, either on oneself or on a part.

  • They’ve made great strides with the fourth-generation Theragun G4 PRO ($599).
  • Overall, this massager worths the price and relieves your stiff and aching muscles with convenience.
  • Meanwhile, it only weighs 1.1 pounds, and the ergonomic design makes it both easy and comfortable to hold up to areas in need of relief.
  • Most customers express satisfaction with the product, both as a massager and a vibrator.
  • It’s hard to spend that much money, especially if you’re just trying out a product.
  • Sometimes you need a more target massage, something to touch one specific area.
  • With our percussion handheld massager ; office, retail, service industry, and blue collar workers all experience fast and comfortable relief for their daily aches and pains.
  • Vibrators are form of sex toys for women; these help to achieving deep vibrating sensations, and extreme orgasms.
  • At only 2.5 pounds, it’s easy to hold when you need a longer massage.

This massager may give your favorite lounge chair a run for its money—it’s a great choice if you enjoy multiple features in one, and don’t mind a little assembling. In addition to eight massage rollers, Real Relax’s Zero Gravity Massage Chair includes a built-in heater, zero-gravity setting, and Bluetooth connectivity. Customization is prioritized with this pick, which is complete with an adjustable reclining angle, six modes, and three levels of roller speed. While it may look like a scarf at first glance, it does much more than keeping your shoulders warm. Complete with three levels of intensity, Naipo’s Shiatsu Massager features both heat and Shiatsu kneading functions. “Sectioned by body region, the mat includes five massage zones, four heating pads, and three levels of intensity.”

Not all are created equally, though, so we have built a list of the best around, just for you. This is one of the top-of-the-line percussion therapy tools you can buy, and it’s worth every penny. Featuring multidirectional arm positions to make any sore part of the body reachable without strain or discomfort, the convenience doesn’t stop there. The handheld massagers we have reviewed here are all fairly easy to take along with you wherever you may need it.

You can choose from a range of different types of back massagers, whether you’re looking for something handy for a recent ache, or need to make a big investment to treat chronic daily pain. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options available, then take a look at our back massager buying guide below. You can pair the roller with your smartphone and control all the intensity settings, plus get access to customized routines. Both TENS and EMS have been shown to be effective in the management of pain so it could be a great alternative to a traditional back massager. People couldn’t get enough of this amazing product, raving about how they were planning to invest in many more as gifts for loved ones also struggling with back pain. They recognized the full back coverage, and how they could effectively hit the mid back, an area they’d struggled to treat with other massage products.

There are many ways to relax in the comfort and privacy of your home. Reading a good book, spending time outdoors, or even watching a favorite TV show are all ways to help ease your mind and give you time to step away from the stressful things going on in your life. Some people have regular massages at massage facilities but these can get quite pricey and can be time-consuming and inconvenient. The Consumer Guide provide product reviews that base one consumer reports on the best quality, best price and best support.

It’s small, it’s cute, it can be used during penetration, it easily fits between two bodies, and it gives me lots of control because it’s attached to my fingers. Seriously, research has found that lesbians climax more often during sex than straight women do. All are beloved by women who identify as lesbian or bisexual and blissfully vouch that their pick is the best when it comes to experiencing amazing orgasms and intense sensations. The Scientific World Journal published research finding more than 93% of a group of 500 chronically anorgasmic women could reach orgasm using the Magic Wand and the Betty Dodson Method.

Thus, there’s plenty of customization for use on various body parts, though its classic design provides you an over-the-shoulder reach for massaging your upper or lower back. Although it’s battery-powered, its battery lasts longer than other massagers such as the Renpho Rechargeable, as the Brookstone gives you 3 hours before you have to charge it. The Nursal massager is one of the most affordable percussion massagers on the market. There are also 3-point heads that give you a wider area of percussion therapy. Percussion massagers will usually come with a variety of different attachments that you can use to alter up the type of massage you receive.

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